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Jean (MacDonald) MacKay
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 Sydney, Cape Breton County  Birth Place
Jean (MacDonald) MacKay
Jean ni'n Mhurchaidh Dhòmhnaill
Sydney, Cape Breton County

Jean is Sadie Mae's baby sister. She was born during the big earthquake, and likes to say it was her arrival that shook the world. It's fun to watch the two of them chatting in their old familiar way. Jean is lively and saucy, and likes to tease. Sadie is still the big sister, correcting her here and there, but mostly proud of her sister for being so fun. It is inspiring to see sisters who have known each other for more than seven decades, still giggling and remembering the trouble they got into when they were children. - Shannon

Sadie Mae MacInnis and Jean MacKay
Interviewed by Hector MacNeil
Camera operated by Frank King
March 27, 2008

Disc One
Total Play Time: 37:36

02:03 Sadie and Jean introduce themselves, where they are from
04:35 the house they lived in when they were young; the livestock they had
13:04 the local store - DB MacLeod's; the first car
18:21-26:25 fishing View | Listen
26:28-29:50 Angie Thomais who built caskets; the wake house View | Listen
31:31-37:36 church services; the Ceist at the church View | Listen

Disc Two
Total Play Time: 34:40

00:00-05:57 talking about the church, praying, precenting View | Listen
06:00-12:37 neighbours helping each other: Sadie tells story; milling frolics on the North Shore View | Listen
13:15-18:50 stories: poor fellow at the milling frolic; the fish truck; girl coming down the ladder View | Listen
19:20 the last reiteach
21:19-24:41 when Sadie's house was moved; story about two lambs View | Listen
26:43-34:37 food that is common View | Listen

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