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Mary (MacDonald) Lynk
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Big Ridge, Cape Breton County  Birth Place
Mary (MacDonald) Lynk
Big Ridge, Cape Breton County

Mary Lynk loves to laugh. She got a great kick out of the questions we were asking her about the old days. Married at the age of sixteen, Mary raised six children and has a lot of life experience to share. She is a proud member of the United Church Women's Association for more than fifty years, and was well-known for all the knitting and sewing she would do to raise money for the church. We had a great time singing songs while Rosie, the dog, listened attentively from Mary's lap. - Shannon

Interviewed by Jim Watson
Camera operated by Frank King
March 25, 2008

Disc One
Total Play Time: 00:34:34

00:52 Mary introduces herself, her father, grandfather and grandmother
05:28 An Saor Mór; the first people who settled Big Ridge
10:00 her husband James
12:17 the Lynk family
14:10-18:19 where they went to school; past times View | Listen
19:00 Jim asks about rhymes and riddles
22:14-29:06 food, livestock, milking cows, making butter; cooking; Sundays View | Listen
29:06-34:13 lighting the fire, firewood, getting ready for winter View | Listen
34:15 fuarag, Halloween

Disc Two
Total Play Time: 00:30:40

00:55 food
03:36 Jim gives a story about forerunners and a witch
11:33 creatures in the woods
13:47-14:56 Mary talks about the crows View | Listen
18:00-24:44 calling animals View
25:20 New Year's Eve
27:19-30:39 Mary's grandmother; knitting and spinning View | Listen
38:26-39:35 Jim and Mary sing a few Gàidhlig songs View | Listen

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